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Restaurant Management Software

Starting from little street side restaurant through standard popular restaurants like Mio Amore, WOW Momo, to multicuisine restaurants around us, now prefers to bill and maintain sale and delivery data in a POS i.e. point of sale system.


Mercalix Restaurant Management Software is not only a billing software, but it controls other activities too. On top of everything this software is not a separate application, that one needs to download, then install and then use. Rather, this software is available from the web portal, so you just need to find the software web link and log in with your registered credentials to use for your restaurant.

Before we define you with its features and how it is so helpful to you, let us tell you why and how we sell this product all around the globe. As we have stated above that this is a web-based software, so one company needs to buy the product, learn the use of this product, access the product all and all completely online. So, we proudly sell our web-based software all across the globe.

Why You Need Payroll Management ?

Advantages of the Restaurant Management Software

Very Fast Billing

We all know, that it is not good to make customers wait for each order, as faster service brings fastest sells to the restaurant. When people handle it manually with writing on a sheet of paper, named cash memo, then calculating the amounts and quantities, and then finally place a bill, it is a matter of time. Which, our software can do in just one click for each activity.

Superior Delivery Module

With the expanding number of delivery orders, it very well may be a problem to track every one of them if your restaurant POS software does not have a different delivery section.

Online Ordering

For a little, fast food joint or QSR, that doesn't have a considerable area of eating space; food delivery turns into a lucrative plan of action. The rebirth in the food tech space has prompted the most extreme number of home delivery orders being set online.

Incorporated Combos And Discounts

Junk food restaurants are notable for their alluring combos and discount facilities. This would spare you from the inconvenience of announcing a rebate each time a request comes up. At the season of charging, you can straight away apply the offer or rebate with no problems.

Inventory Management

The inventory of a QSR is quick moving as there is a considerable quantity of clients consistently when contrasted with different kinds of restaurants and it is never great to be out of an offering material. Along these lines, you get abundant time to restock your inventory.