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Hotel Management System

In this tech-savvy period of the digitalized era, every hotel industry has always wanted any possible fruitful solution to accumulate pieces of information to stay in one portal for the ease and betterment of management handling. And we are proud to be a part of this software development ideology system which has motivated us to make a Hotel Management Software.

Mercalix software Hotel Management System

In due times, we have come across many small through medium to large hotels who have spontaneously shown their interest in the easy accessibility of this software system, all they needed was a simple demonstration to fall in need of the product.

Not only demonstration but also the accurate detailing of its features has engaged them more, such as;


How the booking management is simplified with simple data entry and follow up alarms or pop-ups.


How this product can also be embedded with the respective website, where customers can visit for direct booking.


How the software gets you alerts for customer status check up and notification release.

      The Hotel Management System also get you additional benefits which are not affordable without having this sort of management software. They are:-


Often administrative tasks take a huge amount of time for administration departments to take care, which is now resolved with simple clicks when you manage your hotel with this software.


When you use this software, and once you have integrated the product with your website, due to the online booking and visits in your website, the online presence or popularity grows on a huge scale.


It makes your partner or channel firms management of database a matter of entries, with automatic updates integrated to it.


4. Innovative pricing structures are inbuilt and left with provision to customise them too. This pricing tool management in the software brings you the relief to avoid any nuisance from account handling.


As this software is completely a web-based application, customers can visit and even place booking whenever they need at any point of the clock. This leads to the increment of the booking for the hotels