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Canteen Management System

Make the hard job easy with...

Canteen Management System

Accumulate gives a total system to direct and mechanization of your canteen management work process. Our Canteen Management Software completes every one of the assignments, regardless of whether it is client account management, expense accumulation, meal sections or conveying high calibre useful reports.

Blockchain Canteen Management System

Canteen Management System Highlights

Mercalix software Complete Computerization of Process

Complete Computerization of Process

Robotize your procedure from planning and request to the conveyance, including installments.

Mercalix software Biometric and RFID Joining

Biometric and RFID Joining

CMS coordinates with the Bio-metric system or RFID for secure client confirmation.

Mercalix software Oversee Students Faculties and Guests

Oversee Students, Faculties and Guests

Simple record keeping of all clients including students, faculties and guests.

Mercalix software Meal Setup and Current Status

Meal Setup and Current Status

Design meals, meal timings, meal sections and check utilization status.

Mercalix software Legitimate Food Arranging and Management

Legitimate Food Arranging and Management

Monitor food utilization, plan to utilize participation information to lessen wastage.

Mercalix software Point by point Instructive Reports

Point by point Instructive Reports

CMS produces 100% precise point by point and exhaustive reports for you.

Why You Need Canteen Management System?

Benefits of CMS

Canteen Management System gives a well-covered answer for a foundation like plants, workplaces, schools, instructive establishments, clubs, doctor's facilities, inns and so forth. Here is the reason a software like this turns into a basic apparatus for overseeing a canteen for any foundation.

Mechanization of Process

Canteen management software mechanizes relatively whole management process of a canteen and deals with every single paltry undertaking. Directors never again possess to squander their energy for little dreary undertakings, CMS does it for them!